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Re: If you have had a breast enlargement

Originally Posted by MothyrGrimm View Post
I totally want tummy boobs! When I gain weight it only in my stomach not my boobs or butt at all.
I totally relate. To add insult to injury, I have an undefined waist (don't curve in like most ladies).

If I could be convinced it was good stewardship of money and of health, I would jump at the chance for tummy boobs, lol. I'm small overall, but I could get another half cup or cup out of that tummy and the lovehandles, I bet. LOL

I debated commenting here earlier. A former friend w/ whom I lost touch a couple of years ago had a boob job done at the top rated place in the entire state with the safest, most innovative equipment, etc. She did her research and was happy. She got the implants and was happy. Then her implants went hard. Her new husband said he did not think he could be happy without her full boob size, so she put new ones in. I should have mentioned that she was already developing other weird health problems slowly ever since the first implantation. Anyhow, she became quite ill with systemic immune and muscular problems. She was always in pain with the new implants and never wore a bra as a result. Then one of the implants burst, and her illness redoubled. As she was awaiting their removal, she put a detoxification patch on her back. When the doctors went to operate, they had to remove a rather large gathering of cellular level silicone contamination from her back where the patch had been. The good thing was that the patch had gathered a significant portion of what was floating around in her body (I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it; it was just an essential oil patch). The bad thing, of course, is that she went through any of this in the first place. I'm not sure that her health ever really normalized, but it did improve significantly once the implants and residual pockets of silicone from adjacent areas and from her back were removed. I was friends with her during this illness, during the silicone shifting around, and during and after the surgery for removal. The clinic suppressed her story, but since she was so fed up with the years of what she endured (there were also legal and insurance problems... I don't remember it all), she said goodbye to her normally shy and modest self (the funny thing was that you would never have known her fake boobs were as large as they were b/c she always hid them very well) and sent all sorts of before and after pictures around to show people what she had been through and to warn them against implants. She has connected with some number of other women with similar experiences.

Anyhow, you need to do what you feel will be most wise and comfortable for you. I don't want to scare you about something that you determine is an emotional and physical need, but medical grade silicone for unnecessary procedures may not be the wisest choice.

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