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Re: When did you start cloth diapers?

We started at birth. With #1 we didn't know a lot and used the gerber PFs we'd been gifted which were awful. We ended up using sposies we'd been gifted (I planned to donate or regift but with our learning curve I WAS glad to have had them) while we figured out something manageable, which ended up being flats and BSWW until I started sewing diapers. Even in sposies I never let them sit in pee or change on a schedule, I change every time they go. We counted 32 diapers a day with #1 on average. The cost savings and trash production just cemented how much we wanted to CD.

With #2 we CD'ed from birth and didn't touch a sposie till 14-15 months when we did an extended camping trip with no good way to wash diapers on the road. People kept telling me my stash was enough and that #1 was an abnormal pee producer so I had a smaller stash and immediately regretted it. DD went through 30+ fitteds/flats a day as well. This time I'm planning a rather large stash and we'll be CDing from birth again, hopefully a bit lower stress than the prior 2 tries.
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