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Re: Ruby Mamas Chat: July 18-July 25

Still waiting here, too! I still have 1 week till my official due date, but like the rest of you, I am ready any time. I haven't been making much dilation progress...still just 2cm at my appointment yesterday, which I've been holding steady at since 37 weeks. I was a bit disappointed and discouraged because I thought I was getting more dilated. With my last baby, I was already 4cm at this point! One positive is that I'm already 100% effaced, which I guess means once contrax start, dilation will go quickly (or so I'm told).

I think part of what has been holding me back is my anxiety in the evenings. Once the kids go to bed and I'm left to my own thoughts, I get so worried about little things that I feel, like a slight headache. I blow it out of proportion and imagine all these problems that I could have because of a slight tension headache. Then I can't sleep, and the circle continues!!

I am also increasingly affected by my 18 month old running into my belly when I'm on the floor with the girls. It is so sensitive. That and her moaning/screaming/whining have been really getting on my nerves lately. Usually I'm a lot more patient and can help her with words. The volume level in the house is probably what's giving me the headaches!
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