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Re: Share your routine, please!

Eh, ours is flexible - but there are some definitive things.

8:30 am - 9:30 am wake up routine - get out of bed, pick out clothes and get dressed, make your bed (my 5 and 3 yr old can do these unassisted, I do my own and our 1 yo), eat breakfast and brush hair and teeth.
9:45 - get in the car to go .... this is the variable, for 2 weeks its swim lessons, for the 5 weeks after that it will be swimming at our local kid pool, during the school year this is where field trips are done, snack on the go
12:30/1pm - home for lunch then 1 yo to nap, 3 & 5 yo have calm quiet time, reading, coloring, working on a special holiday project with me, etc. This is MY sanity time. I read, knit or journal and meditate. Its a must-do.
3 pm - 1 yo is up and snack time ensues again. In the summer this is our park and general fun time. We explore on long bike rides, go to the frog pond, hang out in the back yard with sprinklers, sit and do nothing but paint our toes... etc. In the winter, this is school time for us.
6 pm - Dinner. I usually start prep no more than 20-30 min before or crock pot as much as I can. We eat as a family, no matter what.
7 pm - walk the dogs or a bike ride as a family in the spring, summer, fall. In the winter this becomes different things depending on what we do.
8 pm - Book time! At 8:30 1 yo brushes teeth with dad and goes to bed (or me if dads reading), at 8:45 girls brush teeth, from that point on, they silently read to themselves in the living room until 9 pm they tuck into bed too.
9 pm - 10 pm yoga time for me

Again, this is a general outline, but its pretty consistent. It does move around depending on if I'm at a birth, what meetings are done during the day, etc. We own a business and I fit in payroll, taxes, billing, etc. Laundry, dishes, all that jazz is always done with the kids. They help every step of the way and constantly so its not a big fuss.
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