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Re: Happy Homemakers -- January 2013

Originally Posted by hbee View Post
QOTW: Introduce yourself! Are you a stay at home parent, working at home, working out of the home? What is your biggest cleaning 'problem area'?

Hi! I'm Holly, mostly stay at home to DD, who is a little over a year old. I work 5-10 hours a week, super flexible. (In so far as, DH or I can go in, we cover 18 hours a week, with DH often doing 10 hours and me doing 8.) My biggest problem area is probably the bathroom. I hate to clean the tub. I don't mind the toilet and sink or cleaning the floor, but I hate cleaning the tub with a burning fiery passion.

ETA - I also loosely follow flylady.
What do you currently use to clean the tub with? I used to hate it, but finally found a solution that WORKS and isn't tons of elbow grease.

Spray down the shower with a mixture of half white vinegar and half original blue dawn... let it soak in really good for an hour... then go back and wipe it down, minimal scrubbing required.
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