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Re: JuneBugs July Chat

Elena <sigh>....I have just cried and cried for you. It could still be a sticky bean, it could! Whatever comes, you ARE strong enough to deal with it. you are an awesomely strong woman! I don't blame you about the pill, though, if it came to that. Plus it would give you time to physically heal as well.

I loved the cake on your blog. I am ashamed to say I don't read your blog often (or jess or olya's) and I know I should bc they are great! And I don't blog like I should. I have these blogs in my head that I turn into short FB status'.

Anywho, happy Canada Day to you and Jessica!

K is 13 mo today and I noticed several more words the past few days, like "night night". He was also practicing walking backwards for some reason . He thinks it's funny, so whatevs. I noticed lately, he is back to pacing around. Like if we are watching a movie, he paces around and chatters, comes by for hugs and kisses and goes about his business. Oh about his tantrums, Elena, he can point to what he wants/needs, but his tantrums are bc of things he isn't ALLOWED to have or do, lol.

Hope everyone is well, I just got socked in the eye earlier (K was trying to "escape" Hana's clutches and as he was squirming away from him, his forehead met my eye socket and it hurts like a b) so I am expecting a black eye for the weekend, lol.
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