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Re: What do you do with older kids while in labor/delivery with no family/friends

Originally Posted by CDNMommyofmany View Post
Is this directed to me??? If so, the issue is our last baby was born at 29 weeks (my water broke at 28 weeks, we dropped ONLY our 2 youngest kids off at the inlaws so DH could bring me to the hospital)...well, I ended up getting flown by air ambulance to a NICU hospital 3 hours away and the kids ended up at her house for a week, until after I gave birth and we were moved to a Ronald McDonald house-DH was staying back and forth between me and his parents this whole week! Anyway, she complained non-stop about how it was the most horrible week of her life, how exhausting they were and even let my-then 19 month old cry himself to sleep at night cause she felt he HAD to be in bed before 8pm (this was his first ever experience away from me-he was so traumatized he still is very clingy when we go to their house and he's over 3 now...By the way, she is only in her mid-50's!!! Ugh is right! She now refuses to do anything with our kids at all, won't even watch the baby for 2 hours so we could bring the other kids to see a movie a couple weeks ago...but she's also the one who will lose it if she's not the first one contacted when the baby comes so she can put on a show at the hospital-I don't think so!!!
that is SOOOO horrible!!! OMG I don't even know what I would do, how did this woman ever survive being a parent in the first place?!
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