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Re: baptized?

The idea that the Catholic Church used to believe (or some of her members believe/ believed) that unbaptised children will go to hell is false. It was never a doctrine or teaching of the Church. In the 60's a Bishop came out with his opinion of what may happen, but the idea that unbaptised children go to hell or to limbo has NEVER been taught by the Church. ETA: The Church commends the soul of an unbaptised child to God and we believe in and embrace God's mercy. I know many Catholic parents that have lost a child and I can assure you none of them think their child is in hell.
I was taught in my 13 years of Catholic school that if a baby is not baptised they will indeed go to hell to pay for original sin. When Sierra died at 3 dyas old unexpectedly, my grandmother, a devoute Roman Catholic, called to express her regret that she would never get to meet Sierra in heaven since her soul had been sent to hell. I also received a "sympathy" card from one of the nuns from my highschool. In it she said that she hoped I had had Sierra baptised before she died so that her soul could be saved.

In my opinion, the two of them can go to hell for making those statements. I can't think of much more that would be as unChristian as that.

DH and I are not religious I think I lean wiccan/pagan if I really look at the beliefs. Dh just wants ot be nothing. We have a nice UU church with a sunday preschool program that allows the kids to explore many different religions. I have been thinking of attending to begin exposing the girls to different beliefs. Needless to say they are not baptised, and neither was Sierra. Sierra was blessed by a nurse after she died, but we would not allow the chaplin in.

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