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Re: baptized?

Originally Posted by mommyto3girls View Post
I was taught in my 13 years of Catholic school that if a baby is not baptised they will indeed go to hell to pay for original sin. When Sierra died at 3 dyas old unexpectedly, my grandmother, a devoute Roman Catholic, called to express her regret that she would never get to meet Sierra in heaven since her soul had been sent to hell. I also received a "sympathy" card from one of the nuns from my highschool. In it she said that she hoped I had had Sierra baptised before she died so that her soul could be saved.

In my opinion, the two of them can go to hell for making those statements. I can't think of much more that would be as unChristian as that.

DH and I are not religious I think I lean wiccan/pagan if I really look at the beliefs. Dh just wants ot be nothing. We have a nice UU church with a sunday preschool program that allows the kids to explore many different religions. I have been thinking of attending to begin exposing the girls to different beliefs. Needless to say they are not baptised, and neither was Sierra. Sierra was blessed by a nurse after she died, but we would not allow the chaplin in.
That's sad that your family would say such things. Unfortunately people our grand parents age grew up with the misconception that "the child would gop to hell" so I guess it has been ingrained and they just can't get past it.

Unfortunately I think a lot of the misconceptions out there about what the Church believes comes from years of mis information or pre vatican 2 beliefs/teachings that older people grew up with.

Wikipedia actually has a great article on Baptisim with information about a lot of different faiths and what they believe and practice if anyone wants to read about it.

Oh ya I just have to add whenever I hear someone say the comment about unbaptised infants going to hell my response is "and you have first hand experience with who goes to hell and what heaven & hell are like?" It shuts them up.

I mean come on it's not like anyone knows anything about it.
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