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EUC Fuzzibunz OS Elites, FB Med, Drybees

4 Fuzzibunz OS Elites EUC. Did not use these very much. I like them, but DD is just getting too big. They have their original elastic in excellent condition and come with both inserts, both still oh so soft as well as the replacement elastic. Asking $15 ppd each. Colors are Crushed Berries, Cotton Candy and Mint

One Fuzzibunz OS Elite in Grape (left side). I've had this one longer than my other Elites so it is more GUC. Elastic is still the original and stretchy. Comes with both inserts and replacement elastic. $13ppd

One Fuzzibunz perfect size Medium in Grape (right side). A bit pilly. Elastic is still stretchy. comes with a microfiber insert. $ 11ppd

2 size medium DryBees. Bright pink and light purple, velcro closure. The velcro is still very strong. The pink has some faint staining and the purple has just a hint of disoloration in one spot. Otherwise in good condition. I did not use these heavily since I found I prefer snaps. Pink $6ppd and purple $7ppd.

These diapers did not come with inserts, but I can add a microfiber insert to any of them for $1 more each.

Pardon the odd colors. My lighting inside is terrible today. Everything is the color that it should be in person.
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