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Re: Cow milk vs Formula (dunno if this is in the right place)

First, If your child has reflux and is having the spit up and the crying, then he should probably be on the Zantac and stay on the Zantac. Reflux can cause damage and therefore pain in the esophogus and throat. When he is doing well it doens't mean he can go off the meds, it means the meds are working. If it got worse when he was off the meds and got really, really bad, it is probably because the reflux was doing some damage to his insides and he was in pain. We took Luke off Zantac for about a year but at 2.5 years he went back on it because of night waking. As soon as he was back on the Zantac he was sleeping all night again so he clearly was having problems.
Second, I would not give any milk at all until you can figure out what his "stomach issues" are. Why complicate the issue? I would figure out what formula works best with the Zantac and then do that for a bit, at least a month.
I would also be discussing all this with a pediatrician who knew me and knew my child and gave me satisfactory answers. I have changed ped.s a few times to make sure my kids are getting the best care possible with this horrible HMO we've got.

Just for myself, I put both my boys on sippys with milk at one year. I don't do bottles after a year and I don't put milk or juice in bottles either. My daughter, born the same month as your son, gets horrific diaper rashes from many different foods and I am wondering what I will do when she turns 1 in two months.
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