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For the love of reading group - September! *Join us!*

We had a group going and it fizzled. Looking to start back up again because we were loving all of the recommendations and discussions!

Do You Like to Read? Do you want to make reading a bigger part of your life OR are you already an avid reader but want someplace to discuss books and get book recommendations?


This will be a monthly thread where we’ll set personal goals for reading, as well as discussing books. This also can be a place for you to keep track of how many/what books you’re reading to your kids, if you’d like

How to Get Started:
First set a goal for yourself! You can challenge yourself to read a certain amount of pages or books per month/year. This is OPTIONAL - if you don’t want a goal that’s fine. Having one is just a tool to help some of us make sure we’re reading but its not a requirement to join in
If you do decide to set a personal goal you can post it here but you DON'T have to if you'd rather keep it private-this is NOT a competition and there is no prize for reading the most books lol!
Do whatever YOU want to do and most of all HAVE FUN with reading!

Second-get a book and start reading! When you’re done with a book it would be great if you could talk about it here-you don’t have to do a chapter by chapter summary but just a sentence or two about why you like/dislike it. This will help others find new books to enjoy themselves

And feel free to join in at any time! I've taken lead in starting this month's thread, but if anyone wants to start the months off if I forget - please do!
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