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Some things we have been doing so long that I forget they are " thrifty" like meal planning and not buying convenience/packaged food (we buy mostly organic so avoiding the "natural" boxed foods has probably saved us a TON!
We use cloth everything except TP - I bought a 3-pack of paper towels 2years ago and we still have 2 rolls.
I think kids can be a big thrifty-drain, some things are unavoidable but being fairly minimalist has helped. Ie, I refuse to buy DD a fancy Easter dress that she will wear once- she gets a cute, comfy cotton dress (often consigned) and then wears it to church all spring/summer. No matchy-matchy outfits (think Gymbo) or shoes "for this outfit." DH does her laundry about 1x/week - so she does not need 4 weeks' worth of clothing. We buy play clothes at consignment frequently.
I am astonished at the amount of STUFF other kids have. DD has lots of fun toys but they are open-ended things she will play with for years, not a battery gizmo that she will tire of in two months. We don't go overboard for Christmas, birthdays, or holidays.
DH and I have limited our stuff too. Ie, I have a total of 2-3 purses and maybe 6 pairs of shoes. That includes professional wardrobe as well. I'm just not motivated to buy more, and when I do I try to be thrifty and purposeful... Not just spending to spend, bc "it's cute" or "it's on sale.". I heard it described as "decorating your life" once. We try not to decorate our life, but be purposeful in spending money to improve/enrich our life.
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