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Re: What was the thriftiest decision or change your family made?

cut cable and got hulu/netflix
changed cell phone provider to virgin
dont eat out much
fewer movies at theater
cloth diapers
use kids target washcloths for wiping counters down and napkins
stock up on shampoo, tp, face supplies, monthly girly supplies
refinanced house
resell alot of clothing and buy from same shops (i do buy new as well)
i do not use babysitters, ever
buy premium dog & cat food in 20-40lb bags. less issues but its also less money than ones w fillers
cut own dog/cat nails
i never go to get my nails/feet done. I bought my own stuff from sallys and do it myself
i do my own hair every 8 weeks (also from sallys) $6 max. used to be $120.
shopped around for better car/house ins. saved me $1200 a yr.
kids never get hair cuts from the salon. I do it myself. i learned from youtube.
any makeup, face wash or lotions i get from ulta. if I hate it, I can return for FULL refund

we also were a one car family until recently. (not pleased w getting 2 as car insurance went up for that car AND hubby just wrecked his "new" vehicle. so its going to cost us $500 to fix it. grr)

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