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Re: how do you get your 3 year old to sleep?

The only thing we have ever done is ignore it. We had to put a gate up on dd's room because she would come out over and over again. If you ignore she will eventually stop doing it. You may even want to giver her permission to look at a book in bed as long as she is being quiet. you could try putting her to bed a little later and/or waking her up a littler earlier (we usually let them wake up naturally so making a later bedtime would be our first go to. Then see how her attitude is during the day, if she isn't grouchy then she may be ready to sleep a little less. 3 to 6 year olds need 10 to 12 hours of sleep and she is would be getting 13 to 14 if she were actually going to sleep. i wouldn't try to give up the nap if she still goes down easily but she may need a later bedtime.

My kiddos are always on the bare min of sleep. Like me they have high metabolism so they don't have never slept the max time. Both of them gave up naps at 2, but still have quiet time. They are not the norm though. No way i would give up a nap if they would still take them. Shoot if I could adjust ds bedtime so that he still took a nap I would, but it won't work for him.
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