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Re: Do all babies hate to fall asleep?

My older DD hated to be held to sleep. Even as a newborn she would get worked into a frantic. DD2 is just now getting to the stage where if she gets overtired she will get frantic like that. What's worked for both girls is this, if we are out and about and I have to hold them to sleep I swaddle their shoulders with a blanket and hug them tightly, rock, pat, or jiggle with them in my arms and shush or hum lightly to get the white noise effect. If we are home and they can't sleep I put them in their cribs and pat them on their backs and butts at the same time. If they roll over I just roll them back and keep patting. I don't think either of my girls has made it more than 5 min before they are asleep with either of these. Generally though I just tuck them to bed and they go to sleep.
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