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Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.

Originally Posted by haydn'smommy View Post
OOh honey, i'm so sorry. Are you taking anything? Progesterone? I had to take it with both my other successful pregnancies. With my CP, my progesterone was very low which seemed to be the issue. I started a baby aspirin to help with blood flow and then took the progesterone from 3dpo and i think that is what made a difference for me this month. I'd definitely talk to my ob/gyn or midwife.
Thanks for your kind words.

I'm seeing my gyn on 7 March (close to next O date) and will speak to him about everything suggested here.

It is so wonderful to have such kind and understanding ladies to lean on and get information from. It is really empowering.
Banned for 6 months for ignoring repeated request to be polite/respectful.
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