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Re: potty learning. should i be dilligent or is she trying to tell me she isnt ready?

This is hard, because I think it would be a huge step backwards. I am almost done potty training my 2 year old, and it has been hard work. I was told by numerous moms not to put her in panties until I was sure. They said once she is out of diapers you shouldn't go back. My DD only wears diapers to bed now. It takes a while to train the body to wake up to go urinate in the potty, this is the hardest. I guess you really need to assess her readiness, as only you, her mom, can do best. Does she know it is wrong to urinate on herself? How does she react when she does it? I know this is hard (believe me!!!) but at this point since you already put her in panties I would stick with it.

You know, come to think of it when we first started DD did REALLY well and then just stopped. Her pediatrician said that with kids when they learn a new skill (like using the toilet) they do it until they feel they've "mastered" it and then just sort of get over the novelty. I'd say stick with it. Reward her with candy, or stickers, or whatever (That's what got us back on track) and lots of praise.

Some people seem to think accidents mean kids aren't ready but I disagree. BTDT. Good luck!
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