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Re: potty learning. should i be dilligent or is she trying to tell me she isnt ready?

I agree - dont' go back to diaper for sure! maaaybe trainers that looked like undies. But here's the thing - what are you saying with trainers vs undies? Do you want her to be comfortable and okay peeing in her pants? Is that what a trainer is for? Or do you change it anyway?

Why would she pick trainers over panties? What attracts her to them? the design? Or the fact that it's ok to wet yourself?

If she's been dry all day and night before - I think she can do it now I would encourage her with real reasons why it's good to use a toilet tho, personally. Help her find out why SHE wants to do it. Ask yourself why do you use a toilet? Cuz the reasons you give are going to be the same reasons she'll want to, too. (more comfortable being dry, less rash, cleaner, quicker, smells better....) If she is using the potty because she wants to, for reasons that she likes - she will be more willing to make time and effort to go. If she's only using the potty because she knows you want her to - eventually she'll stop. Or if she only used it because she gets a treat - what happens when you stop giving treats?
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