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WWYD: needing advice

Today we went to a town about 45 minutes away where they have apple orchards, etc. Dh's 2 sis's and family wanted to come from out of town. The two sisters were going to drive separately and then combine cars in the town due to lack of parking closer to the orchards (about 15 min. from town). We found a bank and decided it would be a good place since they are closed. We went on with the day and we left our separate ways.

Well just got a call that her car had been towed because the bank lot was being tarred and the cost is $400. No signs that they would be tarring anywhere and I wasn't paying attention to the regular signs as we came in.

She is livid because she doesn't have the money in her account to pay and is holding us responsible, saying we should pay for some.

My take is that she is a grown woman and if she didn't feel comfortable parking there, she shouldn't have. However, maybe that's just me. I wanted to find out some opinions to make more of a rational response when she asks us for money.
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