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Re: WWYD: needing advice

Originally Posted by eileprose View Post
There is one question you should ask yourself, what do you value more the money or the relationship?

You don't owe her a dime, like everyone is saying she is an adult. But she is your family, is this going to cause a riff that you will regret? Can you afford to partially pay some of the fine to avoid the riff?

If you can't afford it or you think this will blow over then stand your ground, if not chip in, mend the fence and move forward.
That's a very valid point. Here's the issue that I have though...they are terrible with their spending. They buy toys, go on trips they can't afford, etc., so when an emergency like this happens they are SOL. Us on the other hand live very modestly and don't have "toys", but we always make sure we have enough to deal with an emergency. So it probably bothers me more to have to shell out $ for something I don't think I should pay when the main reason she's so upset is because she can't afford this..does that make sense?

But you are right. I guess maybe I should just suck it up and give her $50 or so and call it good, move on with my life. I know though if the same ever happened to us, I'd never ask her to pay and if I did she'd say the same thing I am thinking...that ultimately it's my responsibility for parking there.
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