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Re: Gemini or Beco Butterfly II???

P.S. Pimp my Carrier from Paxbaby makes something called a Flat Hat for the Gemini which works like a hood. It can be customized to your choice of fabrics. You can also geet matching teething wraps for the straps. I don't see it on the site currently but you can always ask about the flat hat.

And newer Geminis don't have cords to put the head rest up they have like 1/2" webbed straps with clips. They are sturdier. Beco customer service was great. My thin cord broke cuz my daughter chewed through it...I sent it in to Beco on a monday. They returned it with the new kind of clips and I recieved it on Wednesday and they refunded me the cost of the shipping. It was amazing.
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