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Re: Before I was a parent....

Before I had kids I worked outside the home

Now I have kids I have my own business at home

Honestly, I did pretty much the same things pre-kids that I do now. I never STTN pre-kids, not a drinker/smoker/drugs/partier. We still go out (just with kids now) and do all sorts of fun stuff, I still have free time and hobbies, etc. The only thing that has changed is I work at home and my career has changed.

Well I guess I could add -

Before I had kids I didn't think about the foods I ate

Now I have kids I eat only organic foods

Before I had kids I thought I knew what kind of parent I would be (more mainstream)

Now I have kids and I'm not the parent I thought I would be (well dang, I'm crunchy)
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