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Re: Do you really say mean things or expect an explanation?

I voted sometimes, although I've never said anything to someone directly. I think that everyone who can should try to bf. If it doesn't work out that's one thing but at least you tried it. I am the only one in my husbands family who bf, and everyone of his cousins chose not to for IMO selfish reasons (ie. I want to drink and go out). One of them even packed a bottle of rum and coke in her hospital bag for after birth.

I sometimes feel like saying something to them but they are adults and they know the research and everything. Nothing I would say would convince them otherwise. Although some of them have asked me how its going with the bf and I tell them. and they always seem to follow up with I can't image doing that.
-Kathy, a WOHM mom to Victoria (11/11/07) and Lukas James (11/6/2012)!
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