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Re: Do you really say mean things or expect an explanation?

All of my IRL friends formula feed. Literally every single one. Some of them BF for less than 6 months or so, others never BF at all. So if I were to say mean things, I'd probably have no friends.

I am, however, a BFing advocate at heart. And I'm famous for saying, "Well, the cool thing about breastfeeding is...." It's amazing how many convenient benefits I see when I compare my kids to my girlfriends kids. When we're out running errands together and they have to go home b/c they forgot an extra bottle or have to find somewhere to warm a bottle up, I'm quick to point out that I don't have to do the same. My diaper bag is rediculously tiny compared to theirs, even though I CD. I'm quick to point out that my kids have never been constipated, and I got to take my leisurely time starting solids b/c breastmilk changes calorie content but formula doesn't. I'm quick to point out how cheap it was to feed my baby the first year of his life. And, did I mention how lazy I am? I've never left our bed in the middle of the night unless I had to pee, because I've never had to race to the kitchen for a bottle. I'm totally obnoxious about it, without being insulting.
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