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Re: Do you really say mean things or expect an explanation?

Originally Posted by BeachMommyOfTwo View Post
I FF with my first and and BF now. In all honesty, its none of our buisness why other mamas choose (or dont choose) to BF or FF. To say mean things is just catty...and annoying. Who are we to be telling someone what to do. Im pretty sure we are all grown ups here and can make our own decisions, no matter what the reasons are.

Mamas who BF are no better than mamas who FF. They dont love their children more... they arent better people, or better mamas... Its not a contest. I wish people would stop treating it like one. Were here to be supportive of other mamas not criticize their choices.

No flames please, Im just being honest, and saying what needs to be said.
So true, mama, so true.
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