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Hi. We've been signing with my DS since he was about 7 months old. Most books say to start around 6-7m but honestly, the earlier you start, the earlier they will sign back (it just takes longer though of course, and some people get impatient and quit so that's why they say to start at 6-7 months.) But hearing babies of deaf mothers that are signed to from day one usually start signing back within a few months.

Anyway, we don't really use a program (unless you count speech therapy!), but I did read a few different books, Joseph Garcia's book being one of them. Some of the things he says I don't agree with though, for instance, he says that you *shouldn't* say the word outloud when you sign until the baby starts signing back. But other experts say differently, and we didn't do that either - we always say the word outloud. We use our little pocket ASL dictionary more than anything. Also, everyone says that the Baby Signing Time videos are EXCELLENT and we are trying to get ahold of them from our library. Even DS's speech therapist recommended them to us.

The most important thing though is to just ALWAYS be consistant. And start with words that are important to your DD (at this age, "milk" is probably the most important LOL, and it was my DS's first sign to sign back). "Mommy" and "Daddy" are good ones, but harder to understand IME. "More", "change me", if you have pets then you could label them too, then when she gets older, "eat" and "drink". Basically, just start with anything that your DD *needs* throughout the day or is really interested in - she will learn those quicker because she will be motivated to use them.
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