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Re: Signing

We signed with DD1 but it seemed like a waste until about 11 months. I read the books that say to start at six months, but she was too young. With DD2 we are signing to her (8 months) and we have Baby Signing Time videos. We LOVE them. They are fun to watch and really keep both kids attention. My 3 year old has been signing again too.

One thing I'd change though is my nephew has all the signing time videos (2 years) and only seems to sign. So whenever he goes anywhere without Mom he gets very frustrated because people don't know what he wants. I think his mom might have been accepting just the signs and not trying to teach signing with words. If that doesn't work maybe give my in-laws a page with the signs!

Signing time is really good for me as well. I can learn the signs better to music and the fun way they teach. Even my brother who stayed with us for a few days caught a few signs! You'll be taught whether you want to or not! LOL.
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