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Re: What do you do with the poop?

Well, for starters, what do you do w/ the poop in a sposie? If you're at someone's house or something, or not around a trash can, you wrap it up and put it in a plastic baggie, right? That's what you do w/ cloth. If your DC is old enough to have solid poo (once they've started solid foods--6 months-ish) you can just tip the dipe upside-down and flush the poo. Otherwise, you fold the dipe up and put it in a wetbag (they're lined w/ waterproof PUL which, when zipped holds in all the smells till you get home and either throw the whole thing into a pail, or into the wash.) A good wetbag makes it so nobody will ever know you've got a dirty diaper in your diaper bag.
There's a site around here--I think it has 'diaper' in the title--MAYBE Diaper Decisions that gives you a financial breakdown on the savings of CDs over sposies, including water, electric, etc.
(Anyone know what that link is? I forget.)
Understand, though that you'd need to stay far, far away from here, except to get CD advice. If you open the posts about the latest and greatest (read: cutest and cuddliest) dipe, you will NOT save money. I sure as heck don't However, come next baby(ies) I won't have to buy anymore diapers because I can use all the ones I use currently on DD (save for some dipes I HAVE to buy because they're too cute
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