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Re: What do you do with the poop?

Shake it out into a toilet! If it won't shake, you can always do the dunk & swish method - dunk it in a toilet and swish it around, flush (while holding on!) so what can be sucked off down the toilet is. One thing that really helps us in this area is using fleece liners - they're super cheap and easy to make - just get a yeard or two of fleece at Joanns and cut it into strips to fit as a liner in the dipe, you don't have to hem them 'cause fleece won't unravel. They serve three uses - 1 - keeps baby dry, 2 - keeps diaper from staining, 3 - poo shakes off them much easier.

Honestly, though, even if you can't shake the poo off, it's not so bad. I just have my sitter roll everything (wipes included!) up in the dipe and throw it all in a wetbag. Each evening I take the bag to the bathroom and shake out what needs shook out and pull the stuffins out of the pockets, then throw everything in a pail (or straight into the wash, if it's a wash night).
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