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Talking Minimalist/raw/from scratch cooking help needed!

We have been in China 2 months now and if I make fried rice one more time for dinner there will be a complete mutiny!

I'm in search of blogs, sites, your favorite recipes, etc we face the following challenges:

-dairy products are prohibitively expensive, we splurge every now and them but at about $16 for a gallon of milk and $10 for 8oz of cheese they are bank breakers.

-if it comes in a can chances are it will be sold out from the imported grocer, I went to five stores trying to find one can of cream of mushroom campbells cooking soup last week.

-anything processed or premade is hard to find or also very expensive. Spaghetti noodles run $5 for 500grams (about a pound), tortillas, crackers, etc also fall into this category. Most of the time it's sold out when I go to the imported grocer.

-working with mainly raw ingredients and pretty much everything is done by hand, I have a few tools like a chopper, garlic press and a hand mixer but that's about it.

-I can get imported meat but have yet to break down and buy any, tofu, however is very easy to come bye and in many varieties.

-we don't really have an oven, we have a countertop device that holds an 8x8 pan max, it world in celcius and I don't know what the settings are as it's in mandarin. I do however have a tiny microwave, a crockpot (with inverter) and a three burner gas stove.

In my favor, and if you're still with me I have nothing but time. DD is at school 7 hours a day and little miss is good at self entertaining.

Please help before my entire family revolts!
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