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I face similar food challenges as we just moved to Thailand a few months ago. We have found that we like to vary our stir-fry with different noodles and rices. It's taking some time but once I stopped thinking like an American cooking in Asia things became simpler. No more meat as the main attraction now it's all about the combinations of fresh herbs and veggies I can get on the streets with a dash of this and scoop of this. We once even tossed our salad ingredients into the wok with noodles and it was fantastic, yes hot shredded lettuce tomatoes, and cucumbers with noodles. We have stopped eating meat, and cheese well that's my splurge at around $4 for 8oz of a brand that consists of I do not know.
Vegetarian times has a website and under their recipes an Asian recipe thread. We recently added the chili-lime dish with glass noodles tour regular rotation because it was tasty. We just used firm tofu and it came out great.
Spring rolls are a fairly easy make ahead to have in the freezer and you can bake them instead of frying. I imagine the wrappers are widely available at any grocer with a freezer.
Good luck... And see if the commissary will deliver to you. They deliver to us and we are about 40 minutes away from them.
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