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Re: Minimalist/raw/from scratch cooking help needed!

I had the same issue when I lived in China I shopped at a local market and could usually find the ingredients for these meals easily...

1. Tacos
-I made my own tortillas. Just flour, butter or fat of some kind, and water... I rolled it out with a Chinese wine bottle and cooked them in my wok!
-Ground beef was hard to find, but ground pork is plentiful. They use it in dumplings, so it's easy to find. I also sometimes made chicken tacos, and just chopped and sauteed the chicken. I would just add cumin and either chilis or chili powder
-topped it with cilantro (called coriander by the people there that spoke english) along with onions, tomatoes, peppers, whatever was available

-Soup bases were easy to find there because they make ramen so often. I would just buy whatever veggies I could find; onions, leeks, potatoes, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, etc. and then throw in a protein like chicken, pork, or tofu

-Lots of options! Mushrooms, spinach, onions, etc.

-whatever veggies/protein you feel like throwing in
-a Chinese friend showed me a basic stir fry sauce that was amazing. Soy sauce, sesame oil, MSG (or salt if you are wary), sugar, and ShaoXing wine (the store should know what that is, but you can do without the wine if you want). Sorry, I always just eyeballed it so I dont know the ratio, but you can taste it and see whether you want it salter, sweeter, etc.)

-sauteed chicken and mashed potatoes!

-When all else fails, go to the corner for dumplings or noodles
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