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Re: Minimalist/raw/from scratch cooking help needed!

Originally Posted by krispy79 View Post
Sorry I forget it's called different things in different places (bx, px, emporium) and its not always limited to military personel, anyone serving a gov't mission there can use it. I'm sure there is one at the embassy because US marines protect inside the embassy walls. I know embassy personal are allowed to shop there, if you are not there with the gov't I'd ask around to other Americans because I'm sure you could ask them to send or grab something you really need.

I agree that you have to change the whole way you think when it comes to food. You definitely have to take an step back and look at the things you can get and figure out how to work with that. My kids love strawberries and apples, at $9-$12 for a pint they are not getting strawberries, but I was able to find them frozen super cheap ($2 for a k) so some are for strawberry smoothies, some in homemade yogurt, and some were just sliced and dehydrated for snacking.

Dry cook tofu, then marinade it you will be so surprised how good it can actually taste in a stir fry. If you have someone, a native, who can teach you or help you do these things let them teach you.
We have actually become vegetarians since being here ($10 for 12oz of bacon and my life felt over), so we have been doing lots of veggie based soups. That might be an option since as someone else mentioned soup bases and stock are very easy to come by.
I'll have to check into the commissary. The US embassy is in Beijing and we are in Shanghai, however there is a consulate branch here.

We are on the very of becoming vegetarians, the only thing stopping me at this point is the pork dumplings! YUM!
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