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Re: Granola bar recipe?

Wow I'm so excited you posted this question! I was thinking that once I get the house under control (post-xmas explosion of mess!) we should make our first batch of those this week - I have a ton of oats. I'm so excited to compare all these recipes!

Originally Posted by MFrayne View Post
I just made the recipe today and it was awesome! My DH said it was the best granola bar he's ever eaten!! I tweaked it a little to be vegan and gluten free, but they were awesome and only slightly fell apart. I added peanut butter and chocolate chips to mine. Thank you!
Suggestions on how you tweaked it? We need it to be vegan (dairy free/egg free) and peanut free, and I'm curious what you did other than using fake butter.

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Thanks. My son is a mythical creature. Minotaur in a china shop.

This is probably just me, but I can recognize any name that doesn't have: the word mom or it's variations in it, a string of numbers, or an amalgam of kid names. Otherwise I'm good.
I'm so afraid to change my photo! I think DD is half her current age in mine I recognized you though - but it did make me take a doubletake!
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