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grovia users

I want to love grovia - help me get there

I love an ai2 system & am needing an aio or pocket system for hubby when I am at work. I really like flip covers but the inserts bunch (doesn't bug me much) & DS is always scratching at his belly with them. I am wondering if the pul makes him itchy? I was planning to get BG 4.0 for DH to use but the suedecloth is ehhh

I have tried grovia before with a snap in soaked un-boosted & it leaked after an hour (flip can last 2-3 hours) also, while I love aplix, grovia aplix makes a wicked diaper chain on the washer.

Here is what I am considering for me: grovia snap shells with flats & prefolds. This would mean no pul/tpu touching skin & wash up super easy!

For DH: using the same snapping shells with snap in soakers. I want to boost them with hemp. That should help them last longer right? Could I tuck a booster in between the soaked layers? Or trying the AIO but then the tpu of the wing tabs are on the tummy right? or buying some grovia trainers! Stuff the opening with a flat (would it fit in there or too narrow?)

Let me know what you think. DS is 2 years old, 30 pounds & tall, skinny thighs & no butt. I prefer all cotton or cotton/hemp touching the booty but like awm too.
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