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Beat the Yeast Diaper Stick--I need more CD feedback

As to better ensure that the sticks are CD safe (that is, do not normally require stripping), I would like to get more testers. I have had no complaints from current users. I would just like to get some more testers. I just ask that you check in with me during your first few months of use to tell me how it is going--what your basic impressions of washing and performance are.

Shea butter can cause allergies in those who are allergic to rubber latex, as it contains a similar form of natural latex. I also increased the coconut oil a little bit, which does make the other ingredients slightly more dilute. I expect to continue adjusting ratios ever so slightly for my final recipe.

I am looking for feedback on any and all aspects of the sticks' cloth diaper use as well as your general pleasure in using them. (Feel free to try them as a very mild deodorant as well if you do not sweat or stink that much.) The stick includes zinc oxide. From my research online, it seems that zinc oxide may stain some microfiber and fleece on diapers but that it is does not inhibit performance and require stripping; in other words, it is the other components of zinc oxide creams that require stripping in some CDs. Initial feedback from CD users would concur.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic white (extra-filtered) beeswax, french pressed zinc oxide, arrowroot (tapioca) powder, shea butter, natural vitamin e, organic tamanu oil, olive oil

Apply at the first sign of rash. Unlike creams that need to be gooped, a thin layer is all you should need. Store in temperature controlled environments. Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, consult with your licensed physician before using this (or any) cosmetic product.

9.75 each for testers, actual cost. Or if you want to purchase a deodorant from me (see siggy), I will offer a full size deodorant and a test diaperstick for $23. I have FOUR diapersticks left for testing.
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