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Re: How did we get here, anyway?

Originally Posted by starrymomma View Post
I'm now one to fuel or over dramatize, but this is honestly putting me off of DS. Answers that revolve around "For now it's ok, but I haven't decided" are wrong. What if one morning our admin wakes up and decides that goodmama auctions cause too much drama and bans the mention or sale of them? What if he decides that Free for Ship competes with actual items for sale? Funny enough.. if you look through Lee's posts, you will find him SPAMMING for a Rx drug company "his friend runs" in the thrifty forum. C'mon.. tell me there aren't kickbacks involved?

At the risk of REALLY stepping over...
How is is that we have these admins? Do they 'own' the board monetarily? Is it a matter of raising funds & buying them out? Have they 'owned' it from the start? It's just weird seeing people with post counts of a few hundred ousting active members with over 5,000 posts..... They aren't the heart and soul of this board...
The admins ROCK and volunteer to service this community and make it possible for you to enjoy it.

Regarding the RX card that is a service and benefit (not spam) AND I didn't get a nickel from it (nor any other form of compensation). His program saved people (70% women) over $1.9 million dollars in February. I thought it was a worthy mention.
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