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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

I know I'm late to jump in on this thread, but had to add another alternative. My oldest two are currently going through this phase and it's horrible. For both of them it hasn't been a dietary issue, it's been a control issue. They don't want to poop, they withhold for days, then get painful BMS and fissures. My DS has had the worst, where he hasn't gone, even with Miralax and an enema for nearly two weeks. It was awful. Things are getting much better though.

I took both kids off the Miralax. It wouldn't work for a while, then they'd get horrible diahrea (sp?) for a week. I finally found something that works. A naturopath suggested it.

Give your child a daily dose of mineral oil. You basically want to make the stool so slippery that they literally CAN'T hold it in. Start with one tsp. at bedtime (don't give it during a meal, or it will attach to good nutrients and expel them too) then increase or decrease until you find the correct dose. You'll know you've found the correct dose when you see oil floating in the water after they've had a BM in the toilet. Decrease the dose until it's just enough to get this result.

You do need to be careful though. If your DC doesn't like the mineral oil, which they probably won't, try to mix it in with some juice or something. If they fight you and cough on it, it can be dangerous. If they asparate on it, it can lead to infections.

I hope this helps. Once the oil kicks in, keep them on it for several months (don't cut it too short) until they're no longer afraid of having the BMs.

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