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Re: Nikky Covers

I, too, don't understand why all the regular WAHM stores I shop at don't carry the Nikky cotton cover -- I really like it now that I've tried it! (Thanks, Rachel!) Seriously, I wonder if Nikky and Imse Vimse aren't sister companies. They have similar sizing, same placement of sizing tag, similar style, both have gussets, both have similar wide loop tape across the front and no laundry tabs, and both made in Japan. But they offer different materials and the fit is a bit different; the Nikkys seem trimmer or have more size ranges.

Anyway, I've only used this cotton with waterproof poly lining inside for day time and we're still changing at most every two to three hours. Has anyone ever tried this at night for longer periods of time? I'm thinking of getting some in the next size since DS2 is about to outgrown this size S. I just can't figure out whether to get only the cotton with poly lining since I like it or try something else.

Rachel, you mentioned the cotton with poly liner and the heavy duty poly. What about the breathable poly version - have you tried that? And how does the heavy duty poly *feel* in comparison with the standard PUL cover you have tried? I really don't like the BSWW now that I've tried Thirsties -- love the lightweight cover but dislike the elastic in the front as it leaves red marks on DS2's belly -- the Nikky and Imse Vimse covers. I still use wool mostly but non-wool covers have their place as they are trimmer under clothes.
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