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My garden is doing okay. I got a late start, so still waiting for most of it to produce. Tomatoes are starting to fruit, but growing slowly (probably not really, but I'm impatient and want to eat them like yesterday ) pumpkins have flowered a few times, then wilted, then perked up, then wilted (done this a few times). They seem to need a lot if babying in a container :/ Next year I really need to maximize the limited ground space I have. I probably won't do vines, I dint think we eat them enough to justify the space.

Oh oh oh! Today we ate the first fruit of the garden though! We bought a blackberry plant (I think it was a clipping and not from seed) and it finally had one blackberry that was completely ripened I didn't want to be selfish, so we all 3 shared one blackberry how do clippings work? The plant has grown considerably, but it hasn't flowered anywhere besides where the original flowers were when I first bought it (only on one branch though).

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