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Re: minimal weight gain

If you are really concerned may I suggest doing a food journal? Really accurately record everything that enters your mouth including liquids. Sometimes people can fool themselves into thinking they "eat a ton" but when its all added up they are taking in less calories than they think.

My mom does this, she's quite slender and always talks about how much she eats. But I've been with her for a few days and I know she eats between 900-1200 calories a day. But nothing I say to her will snap her out of the idea that she eats a lot. drives me crazy!!! I've known a few other skinny people who do something similar. I suspect that for a lot of underweight people who only gained a few pounds during pregnancy that they were probably unintentionally under eating and not realizing it.

As for you if you're eating 1800-2500 calories per day on average than I would say you are just gaining what you need.
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