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Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!

Bravado Body Silk nursing bras--nursing bras are not truly necessary, but make it more convenient. Everyone I know who has one of these says it is by far the best they ever tried.

Nursing pads--cloth are more convenient and economical in most cases. I love Motherease because they are both contoured (comfortable) and waterproof (necessary for heavy leaking). I've not found another brand that has both. They come in bamboo, organic cotton, and staydry. I use one pair for every 24 hours.

Nursing cover is not necessary, but very convenient. Don't get cheapy brand.

Nursing pillow was absolutley essential for me. Some mamas don't agree, but it saved me with every single baby.

Breast shells (not shields, which is confusing). These slip into your bra between nursing sessions and have a silicone ring that goes around your areola, with a hard shell that holds everything away from your nipples. So so so wonderful in the early weeks when nipples feel like they are sunburned. It basically allows you to let them "breathe" and heal without running around topless. Also wonderful for the end of pregnancy when they get very sore.

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