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Re: Feeling Kind of Sloombed... Sbish Wednesday

Originally Posted by madeinjanuary View Post
hello! newbie here to the thread. I posted this morning on yesterdays thread but might as well introduce myself in the new one for today. i'm tana. mama to DS1 (20mos) and DS2 (almost 4wks). i just ordered my very first pair of sbish pants this morning. soo excited and impatiently waiting to receive it. does anyone know how long it usually takes?

i had a question regarding lanolizing wool for the first time. I dont have any lanolin oil, just some ENI woolie wash. Does anyone know if the lanolin in the wash would be enough to lanolize the sbish for the first time? any help would be greatly appreciated. if not..can someone direct me to where i can find some lanolin oil instock. TIA.
i agree w/ teresa! the first time i tried to lanolize w/ pure lanolin i got stains on my soaker! it took me soo long to get them out!! never again! eni is all i ever use!!

Originally Posted by ashpd2006 View Post
Hey Tana...just peeked on the BSRB thread...your Longies look great and Roan is absolutely adorable!!
uhm pictures are required!!!

so i had a looong day yesterday in seattle..didn't get home until 9pm!! we never drag the kids around like that so i think it was kind of hard on evan.. he woke up at 2:30 am for two hours!! blah! but Jason let me sleep in until 8:30 w/ evan.. and he got up at i don't know what time w/ faelynn! ugh i need to go grocery shopping soo bad.. i just ate a tuna sandwich for b-fast!

ashley- yay on finding the s'bish love!!!! any action shots of the teal pants???

i really want more.. jason thinks we have enough!! times like these i wish i had my CC again! lol.. oh well..

oh so for any (s'bish) flat users, or bsrb users.. you know how joyce had the tutorial on trim fits when she folded the corner of the wing down? well i have been doing that w/ my s'bish flats and it makes the nicest, tightest fold around the legs!!! no more droopy pfs!!!!
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