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Ammonia is getting worse! HELP!

I know there have been a number of threads about ammonia in dipes, but it is all is a bit confusing as to what to do...often lots of conflicting advice. I was wondering if you all could give be some suggestions for my specific problem.

We use BG Organics, wash in a FL, and have hard/hard-ish water. My usual routine is a cold rinse, followed by a heavy wash on hot wash/cold rinse with RnG for hard water, followed by an extra rinse.

SO...This last month, we have started getting an ammonia smell in the dipes after DD pees in them. It was just one or two at first, then a few more....and now it seems to be all of them. No only does it smell when we take it off but it leaves DD bum all red!

Yesterday, I tried switching to Tide Free (HE). I did a couple of rinses beforehand, then washed twice with the Tide on hot, and then did many (maybe 5) rinses. Coming out of the washer they smelled pretty good (much better than they had been smelly lately after using the RnG)...BUT we still got strong ammonia smell (and most times a red bum) with Every. Single. Diaper!

I am at a lose of what to do....What should I try next??
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