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Room Sharing

My DS will be turning 3 in October and I am due with our 2nd boy on Feb 4th. My husband and I would like the boys to share a room since our extra bedroom is used for my work. I know younger kids tend to love sharing rooms, but how soon can I put the boys together?

A little bit about my DS... He was born extremely colic-y and has never really established great sleeping habits. We put him down in his own bed every night, but like clockwork, every night at 11:30 he wakes and sleeps the rest of the night in our bed. Sometimes he cries out, sometimes he will just get up quietly and come in our room himself. We've tried keeping him in his room all night, but that's another story. We tend to follow the path of least resistance! He rarely naps anymore. If he naps, he takes at least an hour to settle at night despite our consistent bed time routine.

Anyway, I plan on having the new baby in our room for a few months anyway, but am I crazy to hope things will work out ok putting the boys together when I feel the baby is ready to be in another bedroom? Am I crazy to *HOPE* this might make my DS less lonely at night and motivate him to stay in his room all night?

When is generally an ok time to put kids together? Pro's, Cons? Any tips or advice??? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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