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Re: KAL ~ Knit something FUN or New! Sept 23-29

If you can get enough money to replace them, I would sell them. If not, I'd keep them. I had a whole bunch of well used dipes I liked to use at home when I knew I could change often. The nicer ones I saved for outings and bed.

Sonya..that is just terrible..don't they have to report something like that...a bite through the skin?

Fi...sounds like you guys may be decontaminated?

Shannon, so you had to make dinner for A and then watch him eat before you went out? little weird for him I bet.

Pretty fiber Mindy..halloween meets fall. Sorry for the crap least it was exciting? trying to look on the bright side for ya

Karen..interested to see what those pants will look like, yes they are nice and bright.

glad Em got some rest..I agree w/Fi, get some yourself Erica. Are you feeling any better?

got the power ranger suits and Z's was too small I'll return it through amazon. It actaully worked out fine because he didn't like that his was different than the big kids. I actually liked the design of his "toddler" was more like the masks that Karen made but w/a hat on the top to hold it on. The big kids have the crap plastic ones that you can't breathe through. Anyway, I ordered him one like he wanted in a bigger size to make the poor kid happy. I made them clean up before I would let them try them on Yes, I bribed them.

tacos are done and eaten. Still have the laundry to put away. I had about three loads to put away and I did two more today. I only got the towels folded and put away. Oh well, it's not going anywhere.
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