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He definitely understands. My 18 month old understands similar things and will look me dead in the eye and do them anyway, knowing full well there will be repercussions.

Originally Posted by MDever
The first time you ignored thst told him it was "ok" to do that. Three things I have found helpful with toddlers is to 1st remember that they have a delay. An actual neurological delay. Count 5 full seconds. Once they decide to do something it takes 5 seconds to react in a different way so even if you say "please stop" it is often too late. They literally cannot stop themselves.
I don't know if this is true. We were at Lowe's this evening and my 18 month old DS was starting to play with the rolls of carpet. As soon as I said, "Don't play there, that's not safe!" he backed away and came towards me. It was instant. He had chosen to play with the carpet, but when he heard my feedback, also chose right away to NOT do what he wasn't allowed to.
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