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Re: Question about hospital stay

Hopefully you won't need it but we used these type of sleepers almost exclusively during ds's 7 week NICU stay.. These outfits worked great around a Broviac, peripheral IV's, leads, gastric drains, surgical bandaging etc... We just used one size bigger so there was extra room for the medical stuff. You can just lay the baby and tubing on the sleeper and button around both. I miss the days when I could literally button clothes around hospital tubing. Big kid cloths just do not allow for easy access. DS just did a 3 night stay and I was constantly pausing the IV and unhooking and rehooking, rebinding the IV arm board because he was having so many accidents and was needing to be changed at least every 4 hours.

Forgot to mention: For newborns who have problems maintaining body heat it is really good idea to get them out of those flimsy hospital gowns and into something warmer like a sleeper.

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