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Re: recovery and taking care of a nb plus toddler

When I had my second child my son was 2. Honestly, recovering from the c-section and taking care of the kids wasn't that bad (the third baby- don't even get me started on how hard it was). My DH had to go back to work right after I got home from the hospital because the small company he worked for laid off a bunch of people and he had to go in to pick up the slack.

I totally freaked out before having the baby though- I thought that there was no way that I would survive a newborn and a two year old. My advice is before you go in to have your baby do a deep clean of your house, make a ton of freezer meals and tell yourself that your home is not going to look like something from a Pottery Barn catalogue for a long time. Adjust your expectations of what needs to be done at home and focus on taking care of your newbie and giving your older child a ton of love. Also, having a husband who helps out a lot is awesome!
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